Mochrum Park Beat River Bladnoch

This extends to 1 1/4 miles single bank, though pleasant countryside.It is considered amongst the very best on the river with 12 named pools. One of its great attractions is the very short walk to the river from three of our properties. As proprietors of this beat we constantly work to maintain and improve it. The banks are well kept and are easily accessible to excellent open fly fishing for which wading is unnecessary. Although this medium size river benefits from a spate many of its pools are deep holding areas. Some of its best pools are Ashtree, Roger, 40 footer, Market and Nut Bank. You can read reports about this beat in the fishing press. The Bladnoch is written up in Trout & Salmon under the Cree heading. A fishing hut is provided at the middle of our beat.






Sawmills Beat - River Tarff

The river Bladnoch is joined by the Tarff at the meetings'. Most salmon run the Tarff. This 1/2 mile beat, about 5 minutes drive from the houses can be very worthwhile for salmon given water. Excellent for brown trout, especially to the dry fly at anytime.


High & Low Barness Fishings River Bladnoch

2 1/2 miles of single bank fishing 10 minute drive from Mochrum Park. This beat starts at High Barness and continues through Low Barness. At its lower end it is 3/4 mile from the tidal water. As proprietors of this fishing we have carried out extensive work at High Barness to improve the banks and create new fly fishing pools. This is also good brown trout water, extending to Madges Pool which is an excellent holding area for salmon. The river deepens below Madges and is more suitable for spinning. This deep water known as the flats forms the first section of Low Barness beat. Above the Old Torhouse Mill the river starts to fall quickly through rocks, rapids and islands to Harrisons pool and the weir. The weir when fished at the right time in spate can provide a memorable days fishing. The end of the beat is the head of the first extensive holding pool above the tidal water and produces fish especially in Spring. The river below Torhouse Mill should be noted as some of the best Brown Trout fishing in the lower river.


Nut Bank
           Jonathan Haley with a
   lively springer- Just about to be
            returned to Nut Bank

Jonathan Haley with a          
large Bladnoch Brownie          


Terry Holder
       Dr Nightengale returning a
            lovely spring salmon
Jonathan Haley returning         
a good springer